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UKRAINIAN Children Refugee training sessions

Starting on the 29th of June at 6 pm, CJC will be offering free judo for 45 minutes for the Ukrainian families in Surrey Heath.

We look forward to hosting the sessions and for the parents to start their community here in Surrey Heath. We will offer tea, coffee and cakes for the parents.

To book, press on the free trial on the main page of website. You will see Ukrainian Judo sessions Wednesday.

  • Починаючи з 29 червня о 18:00, CJC запропонує безкоштовне дзюдо на 45 хвилин для українських сімей у Суррей-Хіт. Ми з нетерпінням чекаємо на проведення сесій і на те, що батьки створять свою спільноту тут, у Суррей-Хіт. Батькам запропонуємо чай, каву та тістечка. Щоб забронювати, натисніть на безкоштовну пробну версію на головній сторінці сайту. У середу ви побачите українське дзюдо.te

The club secretary will be holidays from the 8th August until the 2nd September. The mobile number will not be used for this time. Please email on  


For over 30 years Camberley Judo Club has been one of the UK’s top judo clubs. A totally unique judo club we have programmes for everyone from children through seniors to elite athletes competing at international level.

Camberley Judo Club has perfected the balance between a friendly, recreational social judo club and a full time high performance elite judo training centre.

Whether you are a youngster or adult looking for fun and fitness or a serious elite judoka looking for that winning edge we can can cater for your training needs.

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🥈 -66kg Commonwealth Silver Medallist 🥈

Finlay Allan from @CamberleyJC picked up a silver medal in his Commonwealth Games debut at Birmingham 2022!💥🙌

#B2022 #JudoUnited

Thanks @CamberleyJC @LukePreston_CJC @Ashleymckenzi12 and of course @dwilliamsjudo. Memories made an awesome experience all around. Thankyou. Brilliant Camp.

Thanks to @dwilliamsjudo @CamberleyJC and all involved for a fabulous Advanced Junior summer camp. Ace loved it, thanks for making her welcome and looking after her. Great few days of fun and judo 👏👍💪🥋

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Our track record includes nine GBR Olympians, eight Senior World Championship medals and three Junior World titles. 
Fighters from Camberley have also won numerous European medals at all ages.

Twice weekly package

£ 39 Monthly
  • You must also get a British Judo Membership

Once weekly package

£ 23
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Gym Membership

£ 18 Monthly
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Mini Judo Tots

£ 15 Monthly
  • You must also get a British Judo Membership

Important:  British Judo enables you to grade, compete and be insured on the mat.  You must have a valid licence to step on the mat. 

Our Classes

Junior Judo Classes

Judo for kids is a fun way to develop the principles of discipline, self confidence and fitness. Once bitten by the judo bug many juniors keep a lifelong interest and use the sport to maintain their fitness into their adult life.

Senior Judo Classes

The senior classes at Camberley judo Club are for anyone aged 16 or older. Whatever your level you are welcome on our senior mat. Beginners, kyu and dan grades all train together at Camberley with the more experienced judoka often lending a hand to those lower grades. Within a few weeks total novices can be practicing with and learning from Commonwealth, European and World medallists and Olympians

Elite Judo

For elite players, we offer full time and part time training. You can join our full time programme or simply come and stay with us to help prepare for tournaments. We offer you the chance to train with some of the world’s top judo players.
The full time elite group trains three times daily Monday to Friday. Sessions consist of Judo Technical/Tactical, Randori and extensive judo specific strength and conditioning.
The full time group has unlimited access to the dojo and weight training facilities. We also train in the great outdoors in the local forests and running tracks.
The full time groups record of success includes many Olympians, three junior world titles and medallists in several senior world championships.


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