Camberley Judo Club, Deer Rock Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4EP


Camberley Judo Club’s Elite athletes rely on the support of CJC and it’s sponsors for their funding. They often juggle part-time work around the training 3 times a day, adding physical and mental strain to the already tough job of being a full time Elite athlete.

With your help our Elite team can focus on their medal goals for World Championships Budapest, European Championships Hungary, World Cups and Tokyo 2020.

On average an athlete needs:

  • £75 per week for accommodation & training
  • £60 per week for food
  • £200 per domestic competition
  • £750-£1000 per international competition
  • £1200 per international training camp

Ashley Mckenzie


 Frazer Chamberlain

Henry Wakes