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NEST management system

Dear Members, The NEST management system has commenced as of yesterday. They will have sent you a text with a link to transfer onto the […]

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Good team meeting this morning to update our training standards and behaviours on and off the mat. Can be painful but necessary. Mutual respect is always the underpinning philosophy.

Good progression from our DiSE judoka today-linking techniques to gripping strategies. O-soto-gari, seoi-otoshi, tai-otoshi and sasai are the throws for this block. On the ground okuri-eri-jime.

The expression says it all but still some excellent wins today. Silver for @Ashleymckenzi12 in Australia. Strong work.

Some fresh air with the boys this morning @Ashleymckenzi12 @NathonBurns @BigFraz90 Australian Open starts tomorrow.

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