Camberley Judo Club, Deer Rock Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4EP

Why train with us

Why train with us?

Whether you are a foreign judoka looking for a UK base or a British fighter looking for some extra training Camberley Judo Club is the place for your tournament preparation. Our set up allows you to live and train daily with our full time elite group. This could be a period of days, months or years-the choice is yours.
The full time elite group trains three times daily Monday to Friday and sessions consist of judo randori, judo technical/tactical and specific judo strength and conditioning.
Camberley Judo Club is unique in that our dojo has on site accommodation with bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and wifi internet access.
We have a history of producing  junior and senior european and world medallists and several Olympians such as Karina Bryant, Ashley McKenzie, Danny Williams, John Buchanan and Rachel Wilding.