Camberley Judo Club, Deer Rock Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4EP

Senior classes

Senior Judo Classes

The senior classes at Camberley judo Club are for anyone aged 16 or older. Whatever your level you are welcome on our senior mat. Beginners, kyu and dan grades all train together at Camberley with the more experienced judoka often lending a hand to those lower grades. Within a few weeks total novices can be practicing with and learning from Commonwealth, European and World medallists and Olympians. Our classes are open to all and we welcome visitors from other Judo Clubs. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are our Elite randori sessions and the Wednesday nights session is dedicated wholly to technical development. We also have an extra randori practice on Wednesday morning which is one of the only constant day time randori sessions in the country. Please see below for our class schedule. We hope to see you soon on our senior sessions!

Luke Preston- Head coach- 5th Dan

Monthly Standing Order
We now offer through Nest management system an easy way to pay, collected on the 1st and 15th of each month.

The first payment will include a 1 month deposit which will be used as a notice period if you decide to cancel your standing order. If you choose to restart the standing order again after a period away you will be required to pay the 1 month deposit again. (For example if you choose the once a week package your first payment will be £47 and then £23.50 each month thereafter.)
Pay as you go Mat fee:

  • Senior £8 per class
  • Saturday monthly randori £5 per class for members and £8 non members
  • Tuesday Session (British Squad member rate )£5 -Thursday Session price is £8 for British Squad members and pay as you go

YOU MUST HAVE A BRITISH JUDO ASSOCIATION LICENCE TO GO ON THE MAT. You are covered by our Club membership for your first 4 classes, by your 5th you must have purchased a BJA licence. This can be done online at It is compulsory to have a licence, this provides you with personal insurance, allows you to grade (work through the belts) and compete if you wanted to.Club name: Camberley Judo ClubCounty: SurreyClub number: 238

Public Timetable

8pm-Seniors Randori
11am-Open Randori-Advanced Juniors/Seniors
7-8.15pm-Beginner and adult recreational
8pm-Seniors Randori