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CJC Red Belts RUMBLE Micklefield and NHC!

Micklefield Red Belt Rumble –

The CJC red belts were out in force again, this time at Micklefield Judo Club. Keira Clisby (u25kg) won all of her fights by maximum score to claim the gold and even threw one of her opponents with a sweeping hip throw in just 3 seconds. Pippa Boocock (u32kg) won silver, in one fight she threw twice with the same technical inner foot sweep to secure a maximum point win. Iliya Mears (u32kg) got bronze in the same weight category as Pippa, a courageous effort in her first ever competition, she showed her potential well, especially in the ground work.

In the biggest category of the day Oakley Boocock (u38kg) got bronze. In his second ever competition, he performed well only losing in golden score to get into the final. Moving up through the weights we had Joseph Mitchell (u42kg) who performed a big ura-nage (similar to a wrestling power slam!) on one opponent on his way to a spot in the final. He was unable to secure the last win but gained more experience and some important lessons learnt. Joshua Mears (u50kg) dominated his weight winning all fights by maximum scores to claim the Gold, throwing opponents left and right handed too. Harry Jones (+55kg) in his first competition he faced an opponent much bigger than himself. Harry improved in each of the 3 fights and fought well against the more experienced player but had to accept silver this time. Well done everyone!



NHC Red Belt Rumble-

On to the next challenge- NHC red belt rumble. Our smallest fighter Izzy Kingston (u28kg) put in a strong performance with some nice throws to win Gold, despite fighting up a weight. Iliya Mears (u32kg) showed improvement from the previous weekend when she won bronze, this time Iliya came away with the gold. Lastly Josh Mears (u50kg) who was consistent with the previous weekends performance and again won gold.



Windsor u8’s –

This training event was perfect for some of our little ones, it offered the opportunity for them to take to the mat and experience a competition situation. This will be invaluable to them when they start competing in British Judo Association competitions once they turn 8, making it a much less daunting prospect.

Harrison Howe won gold, he performed 3 maximum score throws, one of which was in the first 5 seconds of the match. Coach Natalie Hall declared his body drop throw one of the best throw of the day! Another gold for CJC, this time from Dylan Kirk, who won 3 fights. Dylan showed good transition from the standing part of the contest to the groundwork and secured 2 wins this way. Joe Kirby who was a little apprehensive to get on the mat to start with (and this is what these training events are great for), got stuck in a won 2 contests and the silver medal.



All in all another successful weekend for Camberley mini warriors! Well done to everyone who stepped on the mat and gave it their best. On to the next one…


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