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Club Results Round Up Jan-Feb

Club Round up January and February


Senior-Under 21


This year’s Scottish Open saw some good performances from Camberley fighters.

In the junior section Sarah Hill took a strong silver at under 70kg. Antonio Garasic fought well all day narrowly losing in the final and also taking home a silver medal. Kieran Davin was unlucky not to medal after some good ippons finishing with 5th place.

In the senior section Andrew Melbourne dominated all day in the +100kg division-finishing up with gold. Kieran Davin fought extremely well in the senior division winning bronze-a step up from his junior result. Sarah Hill also doubled up and came away with a silver in seniors. Antonio Garasic fought hard through injury to place 5th in the senior division. Camberley’s juniors were really taking on their older rivals with no fear. The athletes stayed on in Edinburgh for the one day training camp which was very productive.


In Cuba the first CJC Olympic qualifier of 2016 saw Ashley Mckenzie on good form-placing 7th and earning some valuable points.




British Schools SA Qualifier – 16th January


Jo Kirby – Gold

Dylan Kirk U34 – Gold

Robin Lynch U46 – Bronze

Ben Baxter U55 – Silver

Oliver Baldwin – U60 Bronze

David Saran U73 – Bronze

Oliver Penny U73 – Bronze

Tom Lichter U73 – 5th


Ellie Kirby U52 – Gold

Lucy Slape U52 – Silver

Pheonix Govey Gray Open – Bronze


South Coast Green Belt & Under – 24th January


Summer Shaw U32 – Silver

Freya Slape U48 – Silver

Lucy Slape U52 – Gold


Midlands Age Bands – 30th January



Ben Baxter U55 – Won 1 Lost 1 withdrawn injured

Oliver Baldwin – Won 2 Lost 2

Tom Lichter U73 – Won 1 Lost 2

Cameron Charles U73 – Silver



British Schools Qualifier Kent

Dylan Kirk- Gold

Freya Slape- Gold

Ellie Kirby-Gold

Joe Kirby-Gold

Lucy Slape-Silver

Phoenix Govey Grey-Bronze

Nottingham Schools Qualifier

Summer Shaw-Gold

South Coast Open

Summer Shaw-Silver

Freya Slape- Silver

Lucy Slape-Gold


Good effort from Joseph M who had some really hard fights and sadly did not medal.

What a fantastic weekend at the Midlands age band! Summer picked up a silver on Saturday and was the very last fight of the day at the comp… Bit of a change for her after usually being on first! Some good judo well done summer! Dylan was unfortunately injured in his second fight which he was winning against the boy who ended up with the silver… I have no doubt he would have medalled and possibly won the tournament as he was looking really strong and producing some amazing judo!!

Sunday was fantastic! TK and Robin both unlucky to not medal in a very strong u46 category. Both won fights.. But more importantly I was impressed with the techniques! Both were producing great foot sweeps and TK attempted a decent couple of left Seoi nage attacks… Well done boys!

The girls also did really well. Ellie had a rock hard group and drew one of the finalists first and then the girl who ended up with bronze in her 2nd fight. Bit more work and she will be up there pushing them I am sure!!

Freya was amazing for her first competition of this level. Threw a blue belt for ippon in her first fight and then a top green in her second. I’m convinced she could have won her semi final with a bit more experience at this level but a bronze medal is fantastic! Lastly Phoenix… Some great judo and massive throws! A few lessons learnt today but Phoenix is getting stronger mentally and physically  and I’m sure this year will bring plenty more bling for her! Well done Phoenix on your bronze!!

To summarise looking around the mats at kids from other clubs falling on their faces for drops and awful techniques I couldn’t have been  prouder of the camberley kids standing up and throwing for scores and ippons  with footsteps, uchi matas, Harai goshis and O Goshis!!! Well done everyone and thanks to the parents for your dedication you show the kids and your support xx

Very exciting day at The Surrey Red and yellow belt championships yesterday for the next generation of Cambo fighters! Was great to have so many children from the club doing their first proper competition and I was extremely proud of all of them! In particular my player of the day (which I think I’m going to start doing for all comps now!) goes to Harry Ludkin! Harry had to fight a boy that was 11kg heavier than him and a lot taller and put up such a great fight against him! He went out and fought so hard in all his matches and walked away with the gold medal for his group! Ippon of the day went to Taylor Allen.. Good way to spend his birthday!   The rest of the kids were equally fab and the final results were as follows-



Felicity- Gold

Anya- Gold

Erin- Silver

Morgan- Silver

Emma- silver

Avel- bronze



Henry- Gold

Taylor- Gold

Rueben – Gold

Harry- Gold

Harrison- silver

Oliver- silver

Blair- silver

Joe- bronze

Sam- bronze


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