Camberley Judo Club, Deer Rock Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4EP

Croatia Grand Prix

Danny Williams – 73kg and Nathon Burns -66kg both self-funded a trip to Rijeka for the Croatian Grand Prix event.
After a bye in the first round Burns dispatched of his first competitor from Austria but then lost to Pliyev of Ukraine in the quarter final fight, Pliyev also went on to defeat Brit Colin Oates in the semi final. Nathon dropped into the repecharge but wasn’t able to turn the day around, losing to a fighter from Belgium and settling for a 7th place.
Danny Williams had a fantastic start to the day with 2 wins against a Portuguese and Austrian fighter. Williams faced Nartey who had defeated earlier this year in San Salvador, unfortunately this time the fortunes turned to favour the fighter from Ghana seeing Danny enter the repecharge. There he defeated an opponent from Germany but was stopped short of the bronze medal by Astafev from Russia. Some good wins and more experience for Williams at this level and a well-earned 5th place.

Finland European Cup
Due to tight finances only 2 of our Elite team were able to make the journey to Tampere in Finland. Lee Shinkin and James Martin fighting in -73kg and -60kg respectively. Both won their first match then lost the second. James had a second chance in the repecharge but lost to a Latvian fighter leaving him with a 7th place.

Onwards and upwards for our CJC Elite team, off to conquer Japan, Spain, Wales and the world by the end of the year!!!

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