Camberley Judo Club, Deer Rock Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4EP

Flanders International Competition and Training Camp

Camberley Judo Club Advanced Junior group once again undertook the journey out to Flanders in convoy. The CJC ‘fun bus’ and 2 cars were also joined by the Penny family who came out for support on the Sunday. It was a tough tournament and there were mixed performances across the weekend with some valuable lessons learnt again.

Pre Cadet Paddy Barnes (Fighting Fitness Judo) – u55kg – Had 7 fights and won Bronze.Ben Baxter – u55kg – 7th placeTom Kirk – u42kgOliver Penny – u66k

Cadet Molly Harvey – u48kg (Tonbridge/AASE Camberley) – Gold Henry Wakes (Shadsworth/AASE Camberley)- u50kg – Bronze, Oliver Baldwin – u60kg, Tom Lichter – u73kg, Will Von Mallinckrodt- u90kg

Junior Francesca Paine – u57kg.

The main focus of the annual trip to Flanders is the training camp that follows. Also joining those that competed is Phoenix Govey-Gray (the youngest Judoka at 12), Joseph Mitchell, Robin Lynch, Cameron Charles and Ewan Tweedie. Three sessions already done on the camp and everyone is training hard and keeping in good spirits. Troops are back on the mat at CJC Thursday evening!

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