Camberley Judo Club, Deer Rock Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4EP

Bev Price Team Event Report Natalie Hall

Huge congrats to all the players that took part in the Bev Price team event! We’ve never done it before and I knew it would be tough so my expectations were for some good judo experience and maybe 1 medal! Well they blew that out of the water! I am so proud of them all and now we’ve done it once and we know what to expect next year we are going for medals in all the categories and definitely a couple of golds!!
ippon of the day went to Lucy Slape for a HUGE double sleeved o soto! It was beautiful!

Boys lightweights aka Judo Busters ( Dylan, Harrison and Eric)
Placed a respectable 5th out of 12 boys teams!!

Boys Heavyweights aka ippon kings ( joined by Jack from Mercia judo club, Zach and Jordan) no medal this time but some amazing judo…well done boys!

Girls lightweights aka Camberley Crushers (Erin/Harika, Summer and Felicity) Bronze in a very strong category so well done girls 

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