Camberley Judo Club, Deer Rock Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4EP

British Judo Performance Academy

Camberley Judo Club has become the first Judo Club in Britain to receive a Performance Academy status from the British Judo Association. The status formalises the Club within the performance network and its relationship with the British Judo Performance Institute in Dartford.

The club which has a total of 20 athletes training full time towards their goals of Olympic success has been working closely with the British Judo Association for many years.

Players ranging in age from 17 up to 30 years of age all live and train together at the facility on the Old Dean Estate Camberley.

Over half of the players are on the British Judo Squad and 5 players won the 2011 British Championship title making them the number 1 in their weight category in Britain. There is a realistic chance that players from Camberley could make up to a quarter of the London 2012 Olympic team!

Surrey Going for Gold is a charitable trust formed to help Camberley Judo Club. The aim of the trust is to achieve Olympic success in 2012 and beyond whilst promoting judo at grass roots level throughout the county.  Already having producing several Olympians previously and with contenders for London 2012 and Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014, Camberley Judo Club has been identified as a Surrey sports club that can win Olympic medals. The club also satisfies the trusts aim of promoting judo at all levels and teaches judo to beginners upwards. Surrey Going for Gold is a unique partnership between local businesses, Surrey Heath and Camberley Judo Club. If you feel you can help Surrey Going for Gold in any way please contact us on Contact us today and be part of something special!

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