Camberley Judo Club, Deer Rock Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4EP

High Wycombe yellow belt and below competition- Saturday 3rd September

Camberley juniors bagged a very impressive 7 medals and fought with fantastic spirit at High Wycombe on Saturday. Jack Baxter  had 3 fights, winning 1 by ippon throw and lost to a pinewood player on the ground. Tom Kirk had a busy day winning 3 out of his 4 fights, 2 by ippon throw and one by hold down. Louie Baylis fought very well and only narrowly lost his first match by a yuko against a bigger more experience player. Ben Baxter had 4 fights, winning 3 of those with an ippon throw, losing in the final by a yuko. Due to lack of competitors in his weight Toby Roberts had to fight a heavier boy, despite putting up a good fight he lost the match. Ollie Bergqvist had 4 fights and won them all earning him the Gold. In the same weight Bodhi Blacklock fought well and won 1 of his fights with an impressive ippon throw.

Well done to everyone who fought and represented Camberley!!

-24kg Jack Baxter- Bronze

-30kg Tom Kirk- Bronze

-34kg Louie Baylis

-38kg Ben Baxter- Silver

-42kg Toby Roberts- Gold

-46kg Ollie Bergqvist- Gold

-50kg Ollie Bergqvist – Gold

-50kg Bodhi Blacklock- Bronze

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