Camberley Judo Club, Deer Rock Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4EP

Kayla Harrison hopes to visit CJC again!

“Camberley Judo Club is full of ‘grafters’, they are a very hard working team. I like the atmosphere and I really like the team spirit here…”

Kayla Harrison, Olympic and World Champion completed her first master class in Europe. Whilst on holiday, she visited Camberley Judo Club which based in the heart of Surrey in the United Kingdom. The judo legend left with very positive feedback on her departure.

“This was my first clinic in Europe and it was really good, I had loads of fun. The way we train and the way we do certain things, like warm up for example, it is different in America; so I learned something from them and hopefully they learned something from me too.” – recapped the London 2012 Gold medallist.

“It was seriously loads of fun. The kids were fun and it was great to teach them” – she added.

Camberley Judo Club (CJC) has 30 years’ experience and balances a friendly and recreational social club with elite success perfectly. CJC is open all year round and even offer children’s camps in school holidays.

KH: “Since the Master classes I have been training with the Elite team and stayed on site with them, and I can say that Camberley Judo Club is full of grafters; they are a very hard working team. I like the atmosphere, I like the team spirit here, everyone is really close and everyone in the Elite team trains hard and works hard. It is really great. On the mat they all mean business and after training they get together for a meal as a team. I really like this atmosphere; I think it is important for training too. Everyone feeds off each other, if someone is working hard the other will have to step it up and they are constantly pushing each other.”

Kayla is preparing for her next event which will be the Grand Slam in Abu-Dhabi and whilst focusing on her preparation towards the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, she promised to return to CJC if and when her timetable will allow her.

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