Camberley Judo Club, Deer Rock Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4EP

Results from British Trials for CJC Warriors!

The British Trials results-


Molly Harvey Gold 52 kg

Henry Wakes Bronze 66 kg

Mollie Game Silver 63 kg

Kiera Bateman Silver 57 kg (pinewood)

Toby Beamiss  5th 100 kg

Scott Brelsford 7th place -9 fights


Kimberley Renicks Gold 48 kg

Lanina Solley Gold 52 kg

Frazer Chamberlain Gold 90 kg

Molly Harvey Silver 52 kg

Danny Williams Silver 73 kg

Laure Fournier Bronze 57 kg

Mollie Game Bronze 63 kg

Henry Wakes Bronze 66 kg

Tommy Mercer Bronze 81 kg

Sophie Clarke 5th 70 kg

Alex Paske 5th Place 73 kg

Well done all on fantastic results!


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